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Look I Love


I have been slack over the past week... In the countdown to leaving for London I have been having some fun times with my family and friends.

This said, I am very excited to take this little blog to the Motherland, and watch it evolve as my tastes and style does.

Until then, a fave from Jak and Jil:



RAFW Loves.

A few favourites from RAFW as they come to hand + a little bit of 
wednesday word association

Camilla and Marc = Styling

Little Joe = Holidaying with gypsies

Zimmermann = As if I need to even tell you!

Lisa Ho = I dislike you so much that it pains me to say I like this look

Ginger and Smart = Marriage wouldn't be so bad in this dress

Sabatini White = Missoni. But i'm not complaining