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my favourite.



A few things to get excited about...

1. Camilla & Marc

I am not usually a fan of Camilla & Marc, but I was looking at my friend's blog (called what-i-need-now + it's a bit amazing) and got excited. 

So I had a look on their website, and here are the pieces of Camilla & Marc that I will be needing come Autumn/Winter. (I know some of them are very similar to the Balmain pieces, but I doubt that will stop anyone...)

2. Willow

I love, love Willow. I am still undecided if this dress is ridiculously amazing, or if it just looks that good because Abbey-Lee is wearing it. Probably the latter. 

3. Karen Walker

Karen Waker has been around for what seems like forever. Her stuff also never really stands out when you are instore looking at her label against others - particularly ones with shoulder pads, sequins, etc (see above), but there is something stable about buying Karen Walker - you know you are going to wear it 1 million times, and still feel good every time. I love this collection too, and the loafers are another big want!

4. Ellery

I know these images are older, but the colours are definitely something to get excited about for Autumn/Winter. The jacket below is also high on my want list... As is the whole look below it.

So now I just needs lots of money. Any suggestions?!
I am currently really inspired by the way older - or should I say "more mature" women dress. There is something much more classic and stylish in some older women's style, that younger girls just don't have. I'm thinking it is something to do with them being more confident and comfortable in their own skin, mixed with a few more life experiences and an understanding that they do not need to flash lots of skin to look sexy. 

Case in point: Anna Dello Russo

**Note this inspiration does not mean I am aching to be old(er). I'm not, and my friends can vouch for that.

(Image from Garance Dore)

i love her.



Only in Italy would you find such a well-dressed specimen...
(I think I need to get myself over to Florence, stat.)

(image from The Sartorialist)


And the obsession continues...

(I'm actually in love with the whole look. Love these shoes, though my* Chloe bow shoes would look more ah-mazing and special and lovely with this outfit)

*I do not actually own these shoes yet

(Images from Jak & Jil)


i would do very bad things for these shoes...

I love my family, lots and lots and lots.
BUT if I had to do a swap, belonging to one of these wouldn't be so bad either....

Courtesy of Catwalk Queen


Could she be any more beautiful if she tried?!

LOVE this bodysuit too... Perfect colour and structure.

parlez vous français?!

When I grow up, I want to be French please.

From StockholmStreetStyle, shot at the Carrousel du Louvre.



i'm sorry, but it has to be said..

Karl Lagerfeld - Genius or Douche Bag?!
(i love what you do, but i'm not so sure if i love you.)

I have been looking at this image on StockholmStreetStyle this week, and trying to decide whether I really like this look, or not. I keep looking at it, as my initial reaction is to love it, but the more I look, the more I think something about it just isn't right. And I know the person wearing this outfit is a guy, but for the purpose of this argument, lets pretend it's a girl.

I have decided I love, love the jacket. I'm pretty sure that's a piece you would never get sick of. As for the singlet/t-shirt, I know it's Chanel, but it isn't my favourite, it looks pretty cheap. I also hate the chain with this look. I'm thinking the separate components of the outfit are all pretty amazing, but teamed together like this, all looks a bit over done.

That jacket over a little black dress, or that chain worn with a really bold leopard print blouse would work better. But then, that's just my opinion.


Still finding it very hard to move on from my obsession with the Chanel cuffs...

Some old looks i still like

I love this look from Tommy Ton's blog, and Maya Villiger's style is a little bit amazing.


Hi amazing Marc Jacobs embellished jacket...
Let's be friends. I would treat you very well, and show you off to everyone.

And please may I have one Antik Batik sequinned evening dress?

Don't ask where I would wear it. That's not the point...
Please may I have one Alexander McQueen agate-print silk dress?


i know what i'll be dreaming about tonight...

Lately I am a bit obsessed with cropped knits. There is something very classic-looking about some loose high-waisted pants (rolled at the ankle, of course) with a little cropped knit, and some ballet flats. I have a white cotton cable-knit one, with short sleeves and I love. The bonus is that this is a work-appropriate piece, and it is comfortable. All hail the miraculous cropped knit.

The danger with the cropped knit is that if you don't choose a plain, simple one it can look like a bad 80's revival. And no one wants that. Seriously.

Finding an image to accompany this was tricky. They were all pretty whore-ish looking. Just use your imagination.


"...I don't know what we are doing wrong - that my friends are all unmarried and childless - but maybe the silver lining is that we are the ones who may actually be doing something right? If the trend is that you are supposed to get married in your late 20's, then i'm pretty sure the trend in our late 40's will be divorce. Hey, i'm not making these rules up. Sorry you had to be in such a rush to do what everyone else was doing."

- Lesley Arfin.


big love.

Erickson Beamon = Genius.

i think happiness is beautiful.

This image is my favourite so far. i love.
(Marie Sofia from streethearts.)

(from streetstyle)



Suddenly wishing I was a brunette...


A little find for the new year...

Luisa in Italy is the most amazing store in. the. world.

AND they are now online.

Happy, happy days of online shopping for all!