small snippets of inspiring things.


I really need these jeans in my life.

I think these Dries Van Noten jeans would definitely make plain jeans and t-shirt combos much more appealing.

Ho Hum.

It's summer, but its about 15 degrees and raining. 
The sun comes out occasionally, but the wind is freezing. 
I'm out tonight for my birthday, so have found some happy images to lift the dreary mood.
Happy Saturday!


HUMP DAY LOVING. (Attractive, no?)

Thanks Celine and Stella McCartney for making this Wednesday a little more bearable. 


...An early birthday gift.

From a Mother with impeccable taste.

It may have been a while

But I still think you are the best dressed.
These aren't the newest images, but her style is too consistent for it to matter.

I wonder...

...Shares and stocks are rather boring.
Can I be a collector of YSL rings instead?

Back on the wagon.

New job, new city, new friends, new adventures.
Well blog, I promise to give you some much-deserved tlc, it's been far too long!
Now, off to compile everything from the past year into some posts...